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Daily Activity Report for Current Month 


April 6, 2012
1:23a Suspicious vehicle at Carvel Ice Cream
2:26a Suspicious vehicle at auto shop on corner of W Lack & Dundaff
2:54a  Fight at Denny's
4:23a  300 of Main for welfare check
11:55a Viewmont Dr for motor vehicle accident
1:50p  Olive Garden for an unresponsive female
2:03p  Walmart on a suspicious vehicle
2:12p  Viewmont Mall for motor vehicle accident
3:27p Kohl's for an alarm
4:33p  Main and Viewmont on assist to motorist
5:40p  Kohl's for retail theft
5:49p  600 of Laurel on welfare check
6:12p  BioTest Plasma for theft from vehicle
8:44p  600 of Main for harassment
9:13p  800 of Main on an investigation
11:28p  Scott and Dimmick on a traffic  watch
11:35p  Jennie and Pancoast on an open burn
April 7, 2012
12:52a Great Escape Theater for suspicious person
1:28a  Dick's on a business check
1:15a  Fashion Mall on a business check
1:58a  BioTest Plasma on a business check
2:01a  Kmart on business check
2:14a  Turkey Hill on business check
2:30a  Main and Pancoast on suspicious person
3:23a  Lowe's for business check
5:52a  Cigarette Outlet on alarm
10:26a  700 of Main on motorist assist
12:36p  900 of Miles on neighbor dispute
12:42p  1610 Scr/Carb Hwy on investigation
1:46p  Panera Bread on motor vehicle accident
3:17p  Route 6 for assist to motorist
4:46p  100 of Jermyn for dog complaint
7:30p  Walmart on retail theft
9:39p  Walmart on a theft
April 8, 2012
12:23a  Fashion Mall for loitering
3:28a  1000 of Main for suspicious vehicle
2:01p  Starbucks on brush fire
5:12p  Northeast Surgery for alarm
9:15p  400 of Morgan on a welfare check
April 9, 2012
12:30a  BAM for suspicious vehicle
12:37a  Assembly of God Church for open door
12:54a  Sleepy's for suspicious vehicle
1:30a  Main and Viewmont for assist to motorist
3:48a  Home Depot on business check
4:15a  Kmart on business check
4:40a  Viewmont Mall on business check
5:14a  Idle Hours on business check
6:00a  Tobacco Road on business check
10:07a  Commerce Blvd for brush fire
12:08p  Target for motor vehicle accident
12:47p  500 of Main for structure fire
1:56p  Area of Fashion Mall for assist to motorist
3:22p  900 of Melnes St for open burn
3:36p  Dunkin Donuts on Rte 6 for brush fire
4:02p  800 of Walker for suspicious persons
5:35p  Entrance to Viewmont Mall on assist to motorist
5:51p  Walmart on vehicle lockout
9:04p  Costa's Drug for alarm
9:12p  Verizon Wireless on alarm

April 17, 2012
3:21p  Rte 6 for motor vehicle violation
3:43p  Report at station
4:29p  Kids Shoe Corner for vehicle lockout
4:30p  700 of Carmalt for domestic
6:35p  Viewmont Mall on assist to fire dept
6:36p  200 of Poplar for domestic
7:53p  200 of Bowman for theft
9:00p  BAM for criminal mischief to a vehicle
April 18, 2012
1:17a  Commerce and Ravine with two suspicious males
2:19a  Morgan and Boulevard with two suspicious males
7:17a  920 Viewmont Dr for alarm
7:32a  500 of Boulevard for road rage incident
7:56a First National Bank for fire alarm
9:46a  1200 of Pettit for knife in roadway
11:59a  Walmart for dog left in vehicle
2:25p 1200 of Main for harassment
2:41p  300 of Main for vehicle lockout
2:50p  1200 of Main for warrant service
4:27p  640 Commerce for motor vehicle accident
6:52p  1000 of Carmalt for abandoned vehicle
April 19, 2012
12:50a  Commerce Plaza on business check
1:15a Park Center on business check
1:30a Main and Boulevard on traffic watch
9:57a  Rte 6 near mall for motor vehicle accident
12:09p  Viewmont Mall for motor vehicle accident
1:28p  Assist to DPW on Boulevard Ave
2:15p 1000 of Main for subpoena service
4:26p Home Depot for hit and run
5:15p 1600 of Main on warrant service
5:45p Grier and Laurel for suspicious vehicle
6:09p  Route 6 near Kmart for motor vehicle accident
7:15p  Viewmont Mall for motorist assist
8:41p Walmart for assist to motorist
9:24p Giant parking lot for disorderly
11:21p Applebees for disorderly male
11:31p 800 of Boulevard for assist to EMS
11:58p  700 of Jackson for domestic
April 20, 2012
2:53a 700 of Jackson with suspicious male
6:54a 900 of Miles for gas leak
9:27a  700 of W Lackawanna for alarm
9:28a Outdoor Outfitters for theft
10:39a  1300 of Main for theft
2:38p  1200 of Main for welfare check
4:13p  1600 of Main for motor vehicle accident
4:29p 800 of Main for assist to EMS
4:32p  Petco for suspicious persons
5:04p  Olive Garden on vehicle lockout
5:48p Parker Hill Church for theft
7:21p  McCann for alarm
7:25p Idle Hours for vehicle lockout
8:30p  1200 of Main for lost dog
April 21, 2012
12:05a  Assist to Blakely on motor vehicle accident on RTE 6
12:26a  600 of Boulevard on domestic
2:36a  200 of Poplar for suspicious males
2:42a  1000 of Main for suspicious vehicle
3:54a  Main and Viewmoint on disabled vehicle
4:30a Legends for suspicious vehicle
12:39p Lowes parking lot for investigation
12:40p 1200 of Main for welfare check
2:29p  Lowes for hit and run
2:53p Kohls for alarm
3:15p Kohls for alarm
6:00p  Home Depot for theft
10:40p Gibbons Ford on business check
11:45p Station on investigation
April 22, 2012
12:27a  Main and Sunset for suspicious males
1:08a  Fashion Mall with suspicious vehicle
4:02a  Casual Male on alarm
8:59a  Casual Male on alarm
11:04a  Rte 6 by Kmart for motor vehicle accident
12:44p Harbor House for warrant service
3:11p  1100 of Main on motor vehicle accident
4:41p  Casual Male on alarm
4:47p  700 of Jackson for family domestic
4:57p  Walmart for hit and run
5:20p Chuck E Cheese on vehicle lockout
8:36p Giant for criminal mischief
11:17p Assist to Throop on burglary
11:30p BAM for welfare check
April 23, 2012
6:36a  700 of Lewis for harassment
10:30a  1000 of Main for motor vehicle accident
10:59a Rte 6 for motor vehicle violation
11:04a At station with crefdit card fraud
11:15a  600 of Laybourne on alarm
11:32a Viewmont Dr for assist to motorist
1:20p  Station with harassment

April 23, 2012
3:48p  Rte 6 at Sheetz for motor vehicle accident
4:13p  McDonalds on investigation
4:53p  Walmart for retail theft
5:15p  Dunkin Donuts for theft
8:14p  Applebees for harrassment
8:54p Walmart for retail theft
10:36p  Kohl's for panic alarm
April 24, 2012
12:15a  900 of Price on suspicious persons
2:40a Home Depot on investigation
7:30a Traffic detail on W Lackawanna
10:25a  1600 of Main for escort with oversize load
10:39a  800 of Boulevard for vehicle lockout
12:46p  W Lackawanna and MAin for motor vehicle accident
5:23p  Scott Rd and Rte 6 for disabled motorist
6:08p  Home Depot for retail theft
7:13p  Verizon for motor vehicle accident
7:30p  Viewmont Mall for parking complaint
8:14p  600 of Lincoln for harrassment
9:03p  100 of Glenstone for burglary. All ok


April 24, 2012
11:07p  851 Commerce for fire alarm
11:29p  851 Commerce for burglary alarm
11:39p  Viewmont Drive- drug arrest
April 25, 2012
12:43a  Plato's Closet on suspicious vehicle
12:50a 1118 Commerce Blvd on open door
12:56a  Viewmont Mall with suspicious vehicle
12:59a  Viewmont Mall with open door
1:04a Traffic stop- drug arrest
2:55a  600 of Main with suspicious persons
2:56a  Sheetz with suspicious vehicle
3:03a  Traffic Stop DUI
9:34a  200 of Main on motor vehicle accident
11:29a  400 of Boulevard on criminal mischief
2:09p  JcPenney on retail theft


April 25, 2012
3:28p  Main & Viewmont with kids on bikes in roadway
5:41p  600 of Boulevard for theft
6:54p  Vehicle lockout at station
7:52p  Carmalt and Jackson on hit and run
8:11p  Pet Palace on alarm
8:29p  300 of Main on welfare check
8:52p  Rte 6 by mall for motor vehicle violation
April 26, 2012
12:18a  Sheetz for disorderly male
1:03a  Park Pointe for suspicious vehicle
1:20a  500 of Pancoast for domestic
7:53a  200 of Main for welfare check
9:15a  205 Scr/Cdale Highway for assist to motorist
11:11a  300 of Ash St for theft
11:21a  534 Scr/Cdale Hwy for hit and run
1:16p  Walmart for retail theft

April 30, 2012
2:09a  At&T for business check
2:32a Scott Rd on assist to motorist
2:59a Dickson City Crossings on business check
3:00a Park Center for business check
4:30a Blood Drop
4:39a Siniwa II on business check
3:05a Tobacco Road on suspicious person
6:12a 300 of Main on welfare check
12:18p Lukasik Drive for assist to EMS
12:45p Rte 6 for motor vehicle accident
5:26p Walmart for vehicle lockout
6:55p 900 of Lincoln for an assault
9:28p Dots for burglary alarm

MAy 1, 2012
12:13a Harbor House for missing male
12:44a  700 of Commerce with suspicious vehicle
1:30a  1000 of Grant Court for unauthorized use of vehicle
4:00a  Idle HOurs on business check
4:50a Car Wash on Enterprise for suspicious vehicle
2:42p Hit and Run at Chuck E Cheese
2:50p West Lackawanna and Dundaff for assist to motorist

3:52p 300 of Main for landlord/tenant dispute
4:24p  900 of Lincoln for harassment
5:05p  W LAckawanna with wires down
5:27p Rte 6 near Fashion Mall for disabled vehicle
7:25p BAM for retail theft
10:40p  Harbor Freight for commercial burglar alarm
10:41p 500 of Maplewood for suspicious vehicle
11:43p  Walmart for retail theft
11:50p Morgan St for assist to EMS
May 2, 2012
2:23a  Main and Eagle for traffic watch
5:00a Viewmont Mall with suspicious vehicle
9:16a  Warrant service at Viewmont Mall
10:36a Harbor Freight with lewd conduct
11:05a 800 of Albert on ordinance violation
11:53a Old Walmart on investigation
1:57p  100 of Memo on assist to SPD
4:16p Walmart for vehicle lockout
5:41p 851 Commerce for threats
5:41p 800 of Main on assist to EMS
6:34p TGIFridays for motor vehicle accident


May 3, 2012
12:50a Dickson City Crossings for business check
12:55a Park Center for business check
1:08a  Suspicious vehicle at Wal-mart
1:30a KMart for business check
1:35a Fresnos for business check
2:02a AT&T for business check
2:30a Fashion Mall for business check
9:23a 900 of Enterprise for suspicious vehicle
10:16a 1600 of Main for an alarm
10:24a  Funeral escort
10:47a Physician Health Alliance on welfare check
10:56a  Walmart for motor vehicle accident
3:57p  300 of Main for welfare check
4:27p  5 Guys for motor vehicle accident
5:39p  1500 of Main for public indecency
6:50p Morgan and Blvd with suspicious vehicles
7:19p 800 of Main on roadway hazard
10:18p  Kmart for suspicious vehicles
10:20p Giant lot for loitering

May 7, 2012
3:00p  Main and Johnson for motorist assist
4:30p  Rte 6 for assist to motorist
4:43p  500 of Main on welfare check
5:16p 100 of Eliza for theft
7:39p Assist to Dunmore PD
May 8, 2012
2:27a Pep Boys on business check
2:42a 1000 of Main for assist to motorist
3:06a  Home Depot for business check
4:10a Gibbons Ford for business check
8:14a 200 of Blvd with truck inspection
11:14a Sheetz for motor vehicle accident
11:51a 1000 of Main for harassment
11:54a Sheetz for retail theft
12:13p  1000 of Main for 911 hang up
12:23p  700 of Main for criminal mischief to a vehicle
12:31p 800 of Price for welfare check
12:35p Viewmont Dr for motor vehicle accident
12:38p Johnsons towing for disorderly type
1:26p  Viewmont MAll for theft

May 8, 2012
4:50p  600 of Commerce for disabled motorist
5:05p  Walmart for retail theft
6:13p  600 of Boulevard for motor vehicle accident
May 9, 2012
12:00a Open door at 1118 Commerce Blvd
2:33a 1300 of Main with roadway hazard
7:49a Alarm at Philadelphia Pretzel Factory
10:40a Kohls for hit and run
10:45a Viewmont Mall parking lot for ducks and ducklings in the lot

May 9, 2012
4:00p Johnsons towing for male trying to retrieve vehicle
5:34p 600 of Morgan for erratic driver
6:10p Giant for vehicle lock out
6:10p 600 of Mary for vehicle lockout
6:44p 500 of Morgan for 911 hang up call
9:11p 700 of Boulevard Ave with assist to EMS
9:56p Main Street Bistro with two disorderly males
10:48p Jack Williams with juvenile problem
10:49p Sheetz with juvenile problem
11:34p 700 of Main on welfare check
May 10, 2012
4:40a 600 of Morgan for verbal domestic
10:40a Foster and Meade in Scranton for warrant service
2:11p Sheetz for vehicle lockout
2:16p Rte 6 for a motor vehicle violation

May 17, 2012
12:11a 600 of Lincoln for domestic
2:29a McCann for alarm
5:10a Kriger Const. for alarm
6:39a At station with criminal mischief
9:49a 200 of Maple for assist to EMS
10:43a 1000 of Main for custody issue
1:08p Commerce Blvd for motor vehicle accident
1:33p Rte 6 for disabled motorist
2:39p Target and Walmart for solicitation
5:18p McDonalds for motor vehicle accident
5:19p Viewmont dr with assist to motorist
5:56p 1000 of Main for neighbor dispute
6:36p 1000 of Dimmick for theft
7:47p Viewmont Mall for a fight
8:49p Walmart for vehicle lockout
9:01p Commerce and Ravine for assist to motorist
9:13p Price St Cemetery with suspicious vehicle
11:08p Sheetz for a vehicle lockout
May 18, 2012
5:11a Mr. Mulch for business check
8:02a Five Guys for threats
10:51a 200 of Templeton for alarm
12:58p Main and Bowman for welfare check
1:09p 300 of Main for domestic
1:39p Walmart for hit n run
2:48p Dundaff and W Lack for assist to motorist
4:13p Viewmont Mall for vehicle lockout
5:04p 1100 of Breaker for harrassment
8:17p 500 of Wedge Dr for vehicle lockout
8:45p McCann for alarm
9:16p Kohls for domestic
11:45p 500 of High St for assist to EMS
May 19, 2012
1:30a Walmart for disorderly males
2:40a Denny's for a fight
6:40a Sheetz for a hit n run
7:33a Circle Drive In for assault
11:31a BAM for assist to EMS
11:38a Ravine and Commerce for traffic light malfunction
11:58 900 of Throop for missing person
12:55p 400 of Blvd for parking complaint
1:03p Ravine and Commerce for traffic light malfunction
1:14p Walmart for theft
3:12p Ravine and Commerce for traffic light malfunction
3:33p Ravine and Commerce for assit to motorist
4:21p Walmart for dog in vehicle
5:27p 1000 of Main for harrassment
5:32p Ravine and Commerce for traffic light malfunction
5:35p 900 of Throop for missing female
6:57p Ravine and Commerce for traffic light malfunction
8:45p Ravine and Commerce for traffic light malfunction
9:05p Macy's for retail theft
May 20, 2012
12:54a 2700 of N Main for motor vehicle accident
1:54a Viewmont MAll for suspicious person
2:10a Assist to South Abington for a fight
2:45a 800 of Albert St for domestic
7:47a WEgmans for dog in vehicle
7:54a 800 of Main for criminal mischief
9:00a Commerce and Ravine for traffic light malfunction
10:30a Commerce and Ravine for traffic light malfunction
10:48a Commerce Blvd for assist to motorist
10:58a Commerce Blvd for assist to motorist
10:58a Commerce and Ravine for traffic light malfunction
11:42a Rte 6 for motor vehicle accident
12:36p Rte 6 motor vehicle violation
1:04p Circle Drive In for dog welfare check
1:51p Ravine and Rte 6 for hit n run
2:13p Ravine and rte 6 for disabled motorist
3:15p 200 of Main for assist to motorist
3:20p Giant for vehicle lockout
3:43p Commerce and Ravine for traffic light malfunction
4:05p Texas Roadhouse for motor vehicle accident
4:12p Commerce and Ravine for traffic light malfunction
4:32p same as above
5:45p same as above
6:10p Suburban Casuals for alarm
6:19p Commerce and Ravine for another traffic light malfunction
6:46p same as above
7:35p Rte 6 for disabled motorist

May 21,2012
12:00a Traffic watch Scott Rd and Dimmick
12:19a Suspicious vehicle at 630 Scranton/Carbondale Highway
12:34a Suspicious vehicle at Macys
1:52a Dickson City Crossings for business check
5:13a Business check at CVS
6:23a Business check at CVS
9:00a Hit n run at Heavenly Ham
9:13a Kohls for retail theft
9:29a Rte 6 for erratic driver
10:48a 1200 of Jennie on welfare check
12:50p Main and Viewmont for motor vehicle crash
2:48p Walmart for retail theft
3:43p Rte 6 for erratic driver
3:46p Rte 6 for erratic driver
4:06p 100 of Sebring for a bear
4:33p 300 of Main on assist to motorist
4:54p 100 of Clairmont for bear
5:06p 400 of Main for a hit n run
5:24p Verizon for an alarm
6:18p 700 of Lincoln on noise complaint
7:13p 1640 Main for alarm
11:38p McCann for alarm
11:56p Resnicks for suspicious vehicle
May 22, 2012
1:35a Suspicious male at Leonards Title and Tag
1:45a Suspicious person at Days Inn
2:00a 700 of Main on a motorist assist
10:08a Legends for alarm
11:04a Main St Auto for motor vehicle accident
1:13p Wegmans for motor vehicle accident
1:21p Main St for erratic driver
1:31p I- 81 ramp for assist to Pa State Police
2:55p Verizon for alarm
3:02p Aspen Dental for motor vehicle accident
3:54p Rite Aid for abandoned vehicle
6:47p Assist to Throop with search party for 9 year old male
8:53 Target for assault
9:28p Target for a vehicle lockout
11:13p Walamrt to locate a stolen vehicle
11:23p Suburban Casuals for alarm
11:58p Walmart for criminal mischief to a vehicle
May 23, 2012
2:04a Main and Wedge for motor vehicle accident
9:36a HOme Depot for harrassment
10:55a 700 of Carmalt for fraud
12:49p 400 of MAry for vehicle violation
12:59p Lowes for motor vehicle crash
3:15p Aldi's for vehicle lockout
3:45p 500 of River for emotionally disturbed person
4:38p 500 of River for welfare check
5:55p Viewmont Mall for motor vehicle crash
6:09p TjMaxx for soliciting
8:12p COmmerce BLvd for assist to Scranton PD
9:26p Crystal Park for loitering
9:27p Giant for loitering


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