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2006 Resolution Archive

R-2006-01    Resolution authorizing tax and revenue anticipation note
R-2006-02     Appointment of Ken Novack as the Chief Administrative officer for the Uniform and non-Uniform pension plans
R-2006-03    Appointment of Ken Novack as the contact person with Berkheimer Tax Administrators for the Borough of Dickson City
R-2006-04   Resolution authorizing tax and revenue anticipation note         
R-2006-05   Resolution authorizing the Borough Of Dickson City to participate in the Lackawanna County Automotive and Equipment contract.
R-2006-06    Resolution approving amended land development plan for Main Avenue Realty Development LP
R-2006-07    2006 CDBG fund application               
R-2006-08   National & Global Youth Service Days Proclamation
R-2006-09   Designation of agent for obtaining financial assistance under the Disaster and Relief Emergency Assistance Act
R-2006-10   Modifications of the use of CDBG funds
R-2006-11   Approval of borrowing for unfunded debt
R-2006-12   Liquor license transfer
R-2006-13   Traffic signal modification at Main and Sunset
R-2006-14   Resolution eliminating the one year eligibilty requirement for the non-uniform pension fund
R-2006-15   Authorization of Ken Novack as the borough representative for funds from an EPA grant
R-2006-16   Denial of Keystone Property's application for land development approval
R-2006-17   Approval of application for Ramos/Oleski Medical Office Building
R-2006-18   Approval of proposed relocation of storm water easement for Rea & Derrick
R-2006-19   Acceptance of Andrew P. Wrobel's resignation from Council
R-2006-20   Appointment of James Kisel to Council
R-2006-21   Resolution opposing statewide cable franchising legislation in Pennsylvania

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